Boston Recording Studio

Boston Recording Studio


Boston Recording Studio
131 West Concord St Suite 1
Boston, MA 02118
United States

Boston Recording Studio delivers incredible sound at an affordable price with several major advantages over many other recording studios in Boston:

Experience - Your engineer has been recording music for years and he runs sessions that range from folk/rock to metal, from hip-hop to ska, or from jazz to contemporary classical. As a session musician, he works on both sides of the console frequently, so he knows the sound you're after and he knows how to get it.

Your engineer should have a musician's ear. Ours does.

Acoustics - We've got a couple of great sounding, flexible, well treated rooms and superb isolation. This is the most musical space around Boston in this price range.

Live Room A was carefully designed and built for great sound and flexibility. By positioning instruments, amps, mics, and acoustic walls in different locations, we can get an extremely dry track, one with room ambiance, or anything in the middle.

This high degree of control over room acoustics also produces an extremely well balanced sound when recording a full ensemble.

Gear - We have the right equipment to give your recording a crisp, crystal clear sound. 24 simultaneous inputs and almost infinite playback tracks can handle a project of virtually any size. Everything is recorded directly to Digital Performer 7 on a dedicated quad 3.0 Mac Pro. Our mics include Neumann, Rode, Sure, Sennheiser, AKG, AT, and others. Preamps include Universal Audio, Focusrite, dbx, and more. Mixing and mastering plugins by Waves, Univeral Audio, Wave Arts, and Izotope.

Location - We're right in the South End of Boston. It's easy to get to on the T and there are parking spaces for you out back. No hassle.

Boston Recording Studio offers several professional sound and music production services:

  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Composition
  • Performance